Trap Factory Spain, Baleares

Avenida Soliveras 11, local 8 1PL Magaluf, Spain, Baleares

Nearly 100.000 private customers and more than 250 events

Since its opening Trap Factory has offered service to nearly 100.000 private customers and hosted over 250 company events. Since 2015 we are expanding our borders into the European Market. If you are interested in being a franchise partner please feel free to contact us!

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Trap Factory

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Escape. Room. Live.

At last a really unique, exciting way to have fun with friends and family. Accessible way of having fun, learning about ourselves and about how far we are willing to go, about are creativity and ability to work as a team.  The feeling is incomparable. And addictive. Be aware!

Do not hesitate, just contact us

Live escape rooms are extremely popular. They are becoming available in more and more countries and cities. Does it interest you as a business opportunity? If yes, do not hesitate, join the biggest player on the European market, join the franchise network of Trap Factory. For further reference please contact us via email or on the phone.

Do you know 2017s hottest hit?

Of course we mean live escape rooms. On worse days we stay at home and stare at the TV screen. On betters we go the movies, have dinner with friends, go hiking with our family. They are good and all, but after a while they become boring. If you are looking for a true adrenaline pump which gets you out of the boredom of the average day, escape games are just for your taste.